The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are high-end Android smart phones and come packed with powerful hardware. But just like any other mobile phones you might want to force restart Galaxy S9/S9+ at times. For instance, if the handset hangs or will not restart normally. This tutorial shows you a potential way to force restart Galaxy S9/S9+ when it freezes or hang.

Since Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ come packed with powerful hardware, chances for software related issues are very rare on this handset. However, you might come across problems like freezing, unresponsiveness, slowing down, etc. while using the handset. Following methods can be useful if you come across any such issue.


Samsung Galaxy S9

To fix these issues, you should either do a force restart, or in extreme cases reboot into Recovery mode and factory reset the device. Also, there is a Download Mode, which is usually used for flashing stock firmware.

The quickest way to fix unresponsive S9 or S9+ is a force restart. To perform a force restart, jus follow as given below.

How to Force Restart Galaxy S9/S9+:

Press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons together. Release the buttons when the screen goes black. Your device will reboot automatically.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode:

This mode helps you fix if want to factory reset your device or wipe cache partitions.
Switch off the phone, press and hold Bixby and Volume Up buttons. Your S9/S9+ will enter into Recovery mode automatically.

How to Boot into Download Mode:

This mode is intended for flashing stock firmware on S9 or S9+. You can use this mode to install factory image if your device hesitated to boot.

To boot into Download mode perform a force restart. When the screen goes black, immediately press Volume Down and Bixby buttons.

In the next post we will provide detailed guide on how to flash factory images on Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. Stay tuned.

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