Android smartphone users can now experience Firefox OS on their phone without root access. You can experience Firefox OS homescreen, lockscreen, apps, settings menu, app drawer, notification bar, etc. on your phone by just installing an apk (b2gdroid/Android OS launcher). Read on to know how to install Firefox OS launcher apk and experience Firefox OS on any Android phone.

For your information, Firefox OS is an open source mobile operating system built on the HTML and JavaScript coding language. Though the OS can be installed on a compatible Android device, it requires technical expertise in flashing ROM. However, if you are curious about to check the Firefox OS on your Android phone, but do not want to mess up your phone, then read on to know how it is.



B2gdroid brings complete Firefox OS experience on Android phone. It is a massive apk (65MB) and includes many Firefox apps, including Firefox Market place to install apps. It has its own settings menu for your phone, which includes almost all settings of Firefox OS.

Installation Instruction

1. Download [HERE] the b2gdroid apk (65MB) and move it your phone’s SD card.

2. Enable Uncknown sources option on your phone

3. Using a file manager app, go to b2gdroid.apk file and tap it to install.

4. Once installed, go to your phone Settings –> Home and select Firefox OS from the list. Restart the phone and experience Firefox OS.

In my experience, everything feels lag in my Moto X and sometimes force closes the launcher. B2gdroid is an experimental app and I think it has its own limitations to implement a smooth full OS experience on an Android phone. However, users can experience Firefox OS, though the app requires lot of improvements to work properly on Android phone.

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