Would you like to show battery percentage on top of your Nexus 5’s battery icon? Therefore, you can quickly identify the remaining battery level. Anyone can simply implement this on his or her phone. No root privilege or ROM modification is required for this. Here is how to enable it.

Percent Enabler is a simple app developed by an XDA member that lets you add battery percentage on top of your phone’s battery icon. The app works only with Android 4.4, so currently on Nexus 5 only.


Battery Percentage

Installation is simple. Download the app apk (download link at the bottom of this post) and install it. Click on “Enable Battery Percent” option and reboot the phone.

Percent Enabler

Note: Even if you can uninstall the App, setting will remain as the app changes a system setting, so to remove the percentage display, just install the App again, uncheck the setting and uninstall it.

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You can download Battery Percent from XDA [source]

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