Would you like to show battery percentage on top of your Android phone’s battery icon (or anywhere on the status bar)? It makes you quickly identify the remaining battery level. Anyone can simply implement this on his or her phone. No root privilege or ROM modification is required for this.

Though there are plenty of applications available to display battery percentage on the status bar, most of them show notification on the left of the status bar, along with ne battery icon instead of overlaying the stock battery icon and takes up valuable space on the status bar.


“Battery Overlay Percent” is a little app that can display battery percentage on top of your stock battery icon (or anywhere on the status bar as you wish). The app is fully customizable. You can change font size, position and color from its settings menu.

Battery Overlay Percent is a completely free app (no ads) and easy to setup. Just install it, run the app. Tap on “Customize Overlay” option and change position, color and size of percentage.

Battery Overlay Percent can be downloaded from Google Play. It works on Android 2.2 and above.



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