androidlogoTo play popular video formats such as MKV, AVI, DivX or RMVB on your Android Smartphone, normally, each one needed to be converted to a format that Android can play (MP4, 3GP, etc.).

But the problem here is, as these are larger video files it would take more time to convert. Moreover, a suitable converting application also required, so one would always prefer watching them on a PC

But, now you can watch your favorite HD videos right from your Android Smartphone without converting them with a player called RockBasePlayer.


RockBasePlayer (currently beta) is a free Android application that supports all of the video codec and containers mentioned above. Currently it supports Android phones running 2.1 or above.

How to install RockBasePlayer on an Android phone? As it is currently not available on the market, you need to download (link below) and put it in the root of your phone’s SD card.

Then download ‘Apps Installer’ from the Android market and run it. Follow the screen instruction to install the app. You can download RockBasePlayer at here or here [via and image credit].



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