Most brand new computers ship with a collection of pre-installed software, but it is almost certain that most users won’t want to use many of these pre-installed bloatware apps. These useless programs consume hard disk space, unnecessarily use PC’s resources and slow down the PC. What is more, some of them are difficult to fully remove from the PC.

Here is how to wipe everything from your Windows PC (new or old PC), except the operating system with Decrap. If you want your PC in a fresh Installation state and do not like to reinstall the system, you can try Decrap.


Decrap is a free application that can completely remove all installed programs and associated registry entries from your computer. Actually, it is a batch uninstaller and provides two to types of uninstall options: automatic and manual.

Automatic method lets you remove all installed programs along with its registry entries with a click; no further user intervention is needed.

Manual (recommended) method lets you decide which app or apps (batch uninstall) to remove from your PC. Select apps that you want to remove and proceed with the options.


Important: Decrap lets you make a system restore point. Do that before uninstalling any app, because it is often necessary to bring back your system to previous state, if anything went wrong.

You can download Decrap from source here.

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