Apple introduced an innovative new technology called Dynamic Island on iPhone 14. The new Island is the successor to the notch on the iPhone that hides the under-display camera and sensor and offers a new way to experience notifications on your smartphone. Here is how to get the Dynamic Island feature on your Android phone.

On iPhone 14, Dynamic Island is a hardware and software integrated feature. On Android, you can bring this feature with third-party apps. Here are two ways to get iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature on Android phone. You can use the Island to hide your front camera or camera notch and show alerts and notifications.


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How to Get iPhone 14 Dynamic Island on any Android Phone?

First Method:

DynamicSpot is a mini multi-tasking app that brings iPhone 14 Pro like Dynamic Island feature to your Android phone. Currently, it is an early access build, but it works flawlessly.

1. Download and install the DynamicSpot app from the Play Store (link).

2. After installation, run the app and enable all three requirements – Select apps for notification, Notification access, and Draw on screen permission.

3. On the next screen, tap on the Dimension option and change the position and size of the Dynamic Island.

Enable Dynamic Island on Android using DynamicSpot app

You have now enabled Dynamic Island on your Android phone. When you receive a notification from the selected apps, it will display on the Island. Tap on it to open the app, and long press it to expand and view more details.

Second Method:

Edge Mask is another app that lets you experience iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature on your Android phone. Here is how to configure the app.

1. Download and install the Edge Mask app from the Play Store (link).

2. After installation, run the app and tap on the Allow button to let the app run in the background.

3. Next, select the Apps that can appear on the top and give the necessary permissions.

4. Now, tap on Message and enable the Samsung Message Style option.

5. In Samsung Message Style, tap on the settings to view more options.

6. Tap the Background color option and set it to Black.

7. Next, tap the Message Color and set it to White.

Get Dynamic Island on Android with Edge Mask app

8. In the same menu, scroll down to the bottom, enable Margin and adjust the slider to blend the notification pill with your phone’s notch.

9. Next, under the Block Double Notifications option, turn on the Blocking the system head-up option. It will block the system notifications.

Edge Mask app settings for Dynamic Island

These are the two apps to bring iPhone 14 like Dynamic Island feature on an Android phone.

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