Google launched Android 12 with new features, better performance, and privacy and security at its core. Privacy dashboard and Clipboard access notification are the two new features of Android 12 that ensure your privacy on the phone. Here is how to get a message when an app accesses your clipboard content on Android phone.

The clipboard access feature in Android will bring a toast notification when any app you have on your phone reads data from the clipboard. It is similar to iOS 14’s clipboard notification and tells you every time an app reads your clipboard. The toast message includes the name of the app that accessed your clipboard.

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How to Enable/Disable Clipboard Access Notification on Android 12?

1. Open the Settings app on your phone running Android 12.

2. Scroll down and select the Privacy menu.

3. In Privacy settings, tap on the Advanced options.

4. Now, turn on the Show clipboard access option to get notification when apps reads clipboard data.

Enable clipboard access notification on Android

You have now enabled the Clipboard access feature on your Android phone. When an app accesses your clipboard content (OTPs, password, images, website link, and other content), Android 12 will notify you which app is reading the clipboard. So you can identify the app that reads your clipboard without your permission and uninstall it to prevent further harm.

The toast notification appears at the bottom and will disappear after a few seconds. But if this message is annoying, you can disable the Notification Access feature from the Privacy settings.

What is Privacy Dashboard in Android 12?

Privacy Dashboard is another notable privacy feature of Android 12, where users can see apps that access sensitive permissions on their phones for the last 24 hours. With it, you will know which apps are using your location, microphone, and camera and how often.

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Privacy Dashboard on Android 12 will help users identify apps that may spy on their data. So they can uninstall them to avoid further harm. You can access the Privacy Dashboard from the Privacy settings on your Android phone.

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