Mozilla has released version 13 of its popular browser Firefox yesterday. This new Firefox 13 comes with a fresh look and brings some exciting features like SPDY for faster browsing, reset button to regain crashes, revamped new Tab Page and home page, etc. All these features give users a much better browsing experience. Here are top 6 features that makes you try Firefox 13.

1. SPDY for Faster Browsing: Mozilla has integrated SPDY (already available in Chrome) into Firefox for the past few versions now; it has been enabled by default in Firefox 13. With Firefox 13, you can notice a faster page loading time on sites that support SPDY networking, for example, Google, Twitter, etc.


2. Reset Button: Firefox 13 comes with a reset button that lets you reinstall the browser without losing your settings. It refreshes Firefox, at the same time it keeps profile details, passwords, and important cookies, so you don’t need to set them up again.

To use reset, click menu – Help – Troubleshooting Information. It can be useful in situations like browser crashes and if you feel slow browsing, etc.


3. Revamped Home Page: The new Home page provides users with the ability to create their own customized home page, with shortcuts to bookmarks, downloads, add-ons, history, sync, settings and an option for restoring the previous session.

4. Security: Security is one of major features of Firefox 13. The SPDY networking protocol ensures a better security, because it encrypts every communication with SSL, making browsing more securer.

5. New Tab Page: Like Chrome and Opera, the new tab page in Firefox 13 brings a better user experience. When opening a new tab, you will find 9 thumbnails of recently visited websites.

6. Firefox speaks your language: Firefox 13 now available in more than 85 languages and available to additional 15 million users around the globe.

You can download Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux from Mozilla here.

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