Mozilla lab partnered with Blekko search engine has released an experimental add-on called Blekko that gives Firefox users a new take on instant search results. It enables user direct navigation to search result page from search bar auto-completion drop down list. If the auto-completion is not navigational, then the corresponding search result page will be shown. It provides for search previews as well.

The Blekko add-on is designed to help users to reduce the additional typing work by pre-caching webpage, showing preview pages, and recognizing commonly used search terms from only a few typed words.



For example, if a user wants to “search” for Facebook, after typing a single letter f, “facebook” is already selected from the list and the page is already loaded. This immediate feedback reassures users that no additional typing work is necessary to go where they want.

This current experiment just simply provides a preview of the navigation result, future experiments could provide a simple way to switch to the search results page.

The add-on changes the default search to Blekko, and it’s a restartless add-on. Just install (download Blekko from Mozilla) and try by searching and see what is happening. [Read more about it at Mozilla]

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