If you’re a self-hosted wordpress user or running your site using Apache or LiteSpeed server, probably you know what is .htaccess file? This is a powerful configuration tool that serves us in many ways. It can be used to password protect parts of our website, deny or allow IP addresses, redirect old domain name to new domain name and many more.
But to make or generate specific code for .htaccess file is not a simple task. However, the online htaccess generator helps you make the following codes quickly and easily; no specific technical knowledge is required.htaccess-redirect

  1. Redirecting to the www version of a domain
  2. Creating 301 redirects for a specific file or directory
  3. Enable client-side caching
  4. Password protecting a file
  5. Hot linking protection based on file type
  6. Custom 400, 401, 403, 404, or 500 error pages
  7. Block users by IP address
  8. Block known bad bots
  9. Change default directory page
  10. Prevent viewing of the .htaccess file
  11. Prevent directory listing

To get started, visit at htaccess redirect and select the options that you want to create and click ‘Generate Code’ button. It will generate the .htaccess file that you can use to update your site. [Via]


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