How to Recover Deleted Files in Google Drive


Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage and sync service offers several features to help users handle their files easily and securely. One of the best features that I found with Google Drive is its ability to recover deleted files. You can restore the file even if you deleted it from your computer and emptied from the Recycle Bin -that means you never loss a file again.

Before going to the subject, here is a short description on Google Drive. It is a web-based cloud storage service that offers 5GB of free storage space (can be upgrade), tight integration with Google Docs (edit and view files online) and work with a desktop client that automatically synchronize with online storage.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Google Drive?

Right click Google Drive icon in the Taskbar and select “Visit your Google Drive on the web” option. It’ll open your browser and displays Google Drive.

Now, click the “More” link on the left side and select Bin (or Trash). Locate the file you deleted and tick the box on the left of it.


Then, click the “More” button at the top and select “Restore from bin” option.

Google Drive will sync again and the file will be restored to your PC. That’s all!


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