Though we have yet to see any smartphone malware infections on the scale of computer problems, there are enough nasty examples to make it worth taking precautions. Smartphone malware usually get into a phone by infected apps and is relatively easy to avoid, but the first step is that you should identify whether it exist in our phone or not.

If you are an Android smartphone owner, VirusTotal offers a tool to scan all installed apps by more than 40 antivirus engines and flags any undesired content, if detected.


[VirusTotal is a popular web service where you can upload suspicious files and scan it with multiple antivirus engines]


With VirusTotal client for Android, you can upload any unknown apk file to VirusTotal to check it for malware (virus, trojans, and worms) with a multitude of antivirus engine making it easy to identify Android malware and helps you to protect yourself and your data from falling victim to malware.


Important: VirusTotal for Android is not a security app. It does not provide real-time protection, so you should use a mobile antivirus program to get real-time protection.

Verdict: All mobile platforms including iOS are at risk of malware; however, the open-source nature of Android makes it easy for malware makers to build infected Android apps and distribute them disguised as something else. Therefore, VirusTotal for Android has its own importance to protect you from infected apps.

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