Microsoft’s most exciting Windows version, Windows 7 has many new features and functionality. The most productive feature jumplist lets users to access frequently used applications when right-click on an icon in the superbar.

However, if you want combine multiple programs in one icon, there is a program called ‘Jumplist-Launcher’ that lets you add up to 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a jumplist.

Features of Jumplist-Launcher:

  1. No Installation required (Portable App)
  2. jumplist entries can be grouped
  3. Lets user choose one default-entry which will be opened when clicked on Jumplist-Launchers Superbar-icon.
  4. Entries may contain command-line arguments also
  5. Supports Multiple Jumplist-Launcher-Icons

Usage: Using the program is very simple, just run the program, create a group (for example Programs, or files), drag and drop items in the group and click ‘Create Jumplist’ button.

Close the program and drag the Jumplist-launcher exe to taskbar. Right click on it to launch an item. That’s all. Download Jumplist-Launcher. (via – JkwebTalks)


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