Due to the stressful environment we live in, sleep and falling asleep have become a real problem. People can sleep better if they have some music playing while they are going to sleep. That is a known fact, but nobody like to leave the device playing all night. Here is how to turn down the music volume to zero while you falling asleep.

Are you using your PC for listening MP3 or internet radio stream when you are going to sleep? Has the loudness of music annoying you when you are just off to sleep? Then there is a free application called VolumeOut, which comes to your rescue.


VolumeOut gradually and automatically turn down the system volume to zero based on the preset time (from 0 to 240 minutes). It can be useful for bedtime.

The application is pretty simple to use. Just start it up (No installation needed), set the time in the settings (Right-Click taskbar icon to access the Settings menu), set preset time and then hit ‘Start Countdown’.


It will start dropping the audio calculated on the amount of time you selected in the settings.

Looking for a similar option for your Android smartphone? Read my previous article “automatically turn off music on android when you fall asleep”.

VolumeOut can be downloaded (660KB) from developers website here.

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