Opera is to build a super fast web browser. The latest development build of Opera 12.00, codenamed Wahoo confirm this. Opera 12 brings several core network latency fixes to speedup the web page loading time (see the changelog here), which will enhance your web browsing experience.Opera-12
What is interesting in it is that, you can see the performance improvements in the real life world and at the same time, you should not expect the results with any benchmarks tests, which mainly focus on rendering and JavaScript performance.

In their own words (Opera desktop team) “You will not see any real difference testing against popular benchmarks (which focus on rendering and JavaScript performance); this kind of work is more likely to have an impact on regular “day to day” browsing.”

“However, it can result in pages loading in half the time! You are most likely to see a difference if you have a poor network connection and others may notice improved performance when connecting to a web server hosted on another continent”.

Interested readers can try Opera 12 development build by downloading from here for Windows, Mac, and Linux.



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