Bitdefender, the top ranked antivirus software developer has come up with a new app on Facebook called Bitdefender Relationship Scanner, which claims that it can helps you discover all ‘viruses’ in your relationship has. Since ‘viruses’ can harm your relationship you should eliminate them all.

Bitdefender says, “Since Bitdefender detects, prevents and removes viruses and other threats, this time we invite you and your better half to discover ALL the viruses your relationship has”.


The first step in the relationship virus removal process is acknowledging your partner about Relationship Scanner. You will get more details about Bitdefender Relationship Scanner from here.

For your information, Bitdefender is the perfect solution for today’s internet connected family. It provides hassle-free security solution for its users and the latest version offers a silent security solution for you with no popup, no configuring and no interruption.


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