COMODO-LogoComodo TrustConnect is a secure internet proxy service (SSL secured VPN service) that offers a highly encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet.

A secure VPN service is required for complete privacy and security, especially when you’re logging onto the Internet using Wi-Fi public hotspots, because anyone can trace your details with a packet sniffer. Moreover it is also useful to bypass internet censorship.

Comodo TrustConnect will encrypt all traffic destined for the Internet (including Web site addresses, IM conversations, personal information, plain text user-names, passwords and other important information.), so no one can grab your details.

TrustConnect service generally costs $6.99 for a month (49.99 for annual subscription and 7 day free trial) for unlimited access.

But here is a limited (10GB monthly) free offer from Comodo. Remember, this free offer is ad supported (displays ads at the top of the page). To get your 10GB monthly free service, just enter here and register an account.

After registration, you’ll get a new password. First download and install the TrustConnect client software for your operating system (Windows, Linux and Mac), then login with your user name password.

Client software and configuration guides for supported operating systems are available for download in the TrustConnect area of your account.



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