Few weeks back Microsoft had released a developer preview version of its forthcoming operating system code-named ‘Windows 8’ at the BUILD developer conference. Microsoft had made a number of changes to the interface and key features to make Windows working on all kind of devices from desktop PC to tablets. The latest report from around the web shows that majority of users well-accepted Windows 8’s new features, especially the tile based Metro start screen, new Ribbon Explorer and improved boot time.

As this is a pre-beta build, many features might include or change in the final build. However, here is an infographics ‘Windows 8 User Reactions’ created by Mashwork based on 65,968 opinions shared on Twitter in between June 15 and Sep 22, 2011. It shows a lot of positive response towards the future OS.

Windows 8 User reaction

Note: It is expected that Microsoft will deliver a beta copy of the operating system at CES 2012. (Via)


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