As known by all, Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive (you’ll get 7 GB of free cloud storage that’s accessible from anywhere) lets you store your files in the cloud, and access them no matter where you are. Your stuff is available on multiple PCs, your phone, and even non-Windows devices with the free SkyDrive app installed on them. SkyDrive can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.



Did you know that there are several apps you might already use in your computer or mobile devices also supports SkyDrive? You can use these apps to enhance your SkyDrive experience on your computer or mobile devices.

You can integrate these apps and give permission to sync, access, and save files to your SkyDrive. That way it is even easier to keep all your stuff in just one place and access it anywhere.

If you would like to know what apps works with SkyDrive for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Mac, Microsoft introduced a portal for that. Just go here, see your apps and its feature or integrate with your SkyDrive right from there.

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