As Android device carries our address book, social networking apps, email apps and apps that access to documents through our favorite cloud drive, security of our device has primary importance. If it gets stolen or lost, all our information can be easily exposed to hackers. Android OS provides various ways to protect it from unauthorized access, for example, the lockscreen that can be locked by PIN, pattern or passwords.

The lockscreen adds a level of security to the device, but recently a bug was found in Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia handsets enables hackers bypass the lockscreen on stolen phones. However, Android has its own option to make it hacker proof.


The best method to make your phone more secure is encrypting the device. You can encrypt it by going to Settings -> Security and choosing “Encrypt phone”. (This feature is available on ICS and above versions)


Important Note: Encrypt takes about an hour to complete, so your phone must be fully charged and plugged in for encryption to take place.

Once encrypted, you set up a PIN or password that decrypts your phone each time you log in.

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