Though it is unsafe to use cellphone while driving, some people cannot completely give up the use of cellphone. For example, we may want to access the music player or the Navigation app on the phone while driving, but small sized icons and small screen makes it more dangerous. To tackle this issue, Sony has come up with a launcher app for their Xperia Z phone called Sony Car, which is designed specifically for driving.

Sony Car is a launcher app with big icons and type of apps to use when you are driving. This app will also keep the display on when you are driving once the app is started.

If you’ve been longing to give Sony’s Car Launcher to your Android phone, an XDA member Themer ThilinaC has released it free for you and can install on any Android device running ICS or Jelly Bean.


You can install Sony Car launcher as a normal app on any Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Its main page consists four main shortcuts – Location, Media, Phone, and Settings.

As the name suggests, the Location and Media shortcut are for navigation and music apps, while the Settings shortcut are for Bluetooth and NFC configurations. The Phone shortcut shows incoming and outgoing calls, favorite contacts, contacts list, and dialer (Note that the phone dialer will force close on non-Xperia devices).

Sony’s Car Launcher can be downloaded from this XDA forum post.


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