OnePlus is known for timely updates of its smartphones to the latest OxygenOS versions. Usually, these updates are rolled out to users incrementally, meaning it will take several days or weeks for all OnePlus owners to see them. But users can also download and install the update manually without waiting for the OTA update.

OnePlus OxygenOS update

It is easy to download and install the latest software updates on OnePlus phones, but sometimes users will get the error message “OnePlus Verification Failed” while installing the update. There are various reasons for this error and a couple of ways to fix it.


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What Are the Main Reasons for OxygenOS Verification Failed Error When Installing Update on OnePlus Phone?

OnePlus verification failed error

1. If trying to install the wrong OxygenOS build or update released for another OnePlus phone, you will get the error.

2. If you are downgrading the ROM and your OnePlus phone will not support it, you will receive this error.

3. You have downloaded a software update released for another region (for example, installing an EU build on an Indian device).

4. When you are trying to install a corrupted OxygenOS update on your OnePlus phone, the error will arise.

How to Fix OxygenOS Verification Failed When Installing New Update on OnePlus Phone?

1. First and foremost, you will ensure that you have downloaded the correct OTA update for your OnePlus phone and region. Alternatively, you can use the Oxygen Updater app to get the OTA update early on your device.

2. If you get the Verification failed error when installing the OTA update manually on your OnePlus phone, go to the OnePlus software download page and download the full ROM for your device.

3. After downloading the ROM zip file, move the zip file to the internal storage of the device.

4. Now, go to Settings > System update, tap on the gear icon at the top right corner, and select Local upgrade.

5. Select the downloaded ROM file and update the device.

Note that the Local upgrade method may not work on a OnePlus phone running Android 12 and above. In that case, you can use the OpLocalUpdate app to install the local upgrade.

How to Fix OnePlus Verification Failed Error with OPLocal Update App?

1. Download and install the OPLocalUpdate APK (link) on your phone.

2. Now, open the System update app from the app drawer.

3. Your device will automatically detect a valid update Zip package you have saved on the internal storage.

4. Next, tap on the file name to begin the update procedure.

The above methods will fix the Verification failed error on your OnePlus phone while upgrading it to the latest OxygenOS.

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