Last year I had featured here on Apple’s Siri like virtual buddy, Speaktoit Assistant for Android and iOS devices. Its developer just released a Windows Phone version to give users their own assistant, so there is no need for Windows Phone lovers to be jealous of Apple’s Siri. Speaktoit Assistant has been the top-rated natural language virtual assistant on Android since launching in last October (while totaling about 3.5 million downloads).


Similar to Siri, Speaktoit is a virtual buddy that uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, launch apps, send texts, get the weather, send email, tell jokes, update your social media, and connect you with various web services (such as Google, Facebook, Evernote, and more).

Different from Siri, Speaktoit uses a customizable avatar as the assistant, rather than a faceless voice. It’s drawn favorable comparisons to Siri because of its capabilities and task-execution.

Speaktoit Assistant for Windows Phone is free for the first 10,000 downloads, and will be 99 cents after that. It works with Windows Phone version 7.5 and up. You can download it from Windows Phone Market Place.


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