If your Android phone seems to be in constant need of recharging, you have to take energy-sapping elements of your phone in control. One of the most common energy-sapping elements of a phone is mobile data (Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, etc) and if you can turn it off, you will get a prolonged battery life, but it also leaves users with the problem of having no data. Then, how we can manage this situation? Here is a novel idea.

Auto Data is an Android app (developed by an XDA forum member), which can intelligently manage your phones mobile data. This app may prove to be a lifesaver, because it saves your battery by toggling the mobile data turn on/off automatically when your device’s screen turns off; no need to manually switch it on and off again and again.


The basic idea of this app is quite simple. When your device’s screen turns off, Auto Data app will toggles Mobile Data on and off every 5 minutes. That is, each hour your device’s data connection will be off for 30 minutes.

Auto Data may helpful to save battery power of an Android phone, especially if it is an old one with poor battery life. Download Auto Data from source here.

Important Note: This application is useful only if you have unlimited data plan, otherwise do not use it, because, it automatically turns on and off your mobile data. Moreover, it is a beta product, so it may not work properly on all devices. [Via].

There are several other methods to save battery power of an Android phone, such as reduce screen brightness, run apps and play games that comes with push ads only in offline, and more. Read here to get more.


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