As known by all, the compass is a simple tool usually used for getting direction. Your smartphone (Android or iPhone) can also be used as a compass to get direction by installing a compass app. If you search for compass app on Play Store or iTunes Store, you’ll get several results and some claim to have superfluous functions. However, if you prefer a simple, but a functional compass app for your Android phone, you might like the Holo themed minimalistic Compass app.

Holo Compass is a simple compass app with Jelly Bean Holo theme. Its main interface is fresh and simple and you will get your direction at a glance. The big circle shows the current direction in degrees and the small blue circles indicate the current direction.



The Holo Compass also provides two color themes – black and white – that you can change from app’s setting menu.

Note that this app relies on your phone’s magnetometer, so accuracy may vary. For best result, you need to calibrate the magnetometer. For that, run Holo Compass app, hold your phone on your hand and move your hand just as you write the number 8 few times.

Holo Compass app can be downloaded from Play Store for free.


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