You may have heard Facebook’s upcoming Graph Search, which lets you search anything shared with you and others can find things you have shared with them, which means now your data will become more searchable on Facebook. So, you might want to clean uncomfortable things from your timeline, especially if you are worried about what people might be able to find you.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy task to dig through all those comments you have left, photos uploaded, photos you are tagged in, your status updates, etc. and to delete all those that you think pointless or feel uncomfortable.

The Facebook app “Facewash” can help you in that. It scans your Timeline and lets you wash away all those dirty little jokes and beer talk, those late night snapshots, those forgotten likes and so on from your Timeline.


Facewash comes with a precompiled list of keywords to filter the search result or you can search for your own keywords that may not have been covered in the app list.

Once the scan is complete, Facewash list search results. Each result is a click-able link. Clicking the each link will take you to that post in Facebook, where you can delete it.

Note that by setting your privacy to the level you want you can increase your privacy as well as security on Facebook.



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