Watermarking your photos is one of the most common ways to protect your rights to your images, especially when sharing it online. For watermarking, you can use any photo editing software or applications specially designed for it. However, if you are looking for an easy, alternate solution, you may like the online solution Water Marquee.

Water Marquee is quite simple to use and works in any browser – no need to download and install anything to your computer. It requires only a few steps to add watermark to your photos and can use your existing watermark image, or create one with text within this tool.


From my personal experience, this online tool is really fast and very simple to use. Just upload an image (The free version only allows images up to 1 MB in size.), choose watermark option (image/ text), and save your work and download it.

Protection for your images: “The work you put into your photographs and images deserves to be protected – and watermarking is the way to do it”.

Interested readers may visit here to use the service.

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