Nowadays bootable USB drives are using for installing operating systems, because it is fast, simple, and free from scratches. Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO file is a simple process and there are several tools available for it, for instance Windows USB/DVD Download tool from Microsoft.

Now, if you are looking for a way to clone a bootable USB drive to another, here is how you can clone (make identical copies of) bootable USB drive easily. It may be very useful, especially if it is a multi-bootable USB drive. Here is how it is.


1. First download a small utility called ImageUSB.

It is free and portable application and can preserve all unused and slack space during the cloning process, including the Master Boot Record (MBR).

2. Connect the bootable USB drive to your PC that you want to clone.

3. Extract the ImageUSB zip file and run the exe file. Select the USB drive and then click on “Create from UFD” option.

4. Now, browse the directory where you want to save the image of bootable USB drive. It will save as .bin file on your computer.

5. Now, click on “Create image” button to begin process. It’ll take some times to complete the process. Now, you have the full image of your bootable USB drive on your PC.

6. Next step is burning the image to another USB drive.

7. Insert your new USB pen drive and click on “Refresh Drives”. Select your pen drive from the list and click “Write to UFD” option.

8. Now, browse the image file (bin file) which you had just created and click on “Write to UFD” button. That’s all.

Note: Using the image back up you can make as many bootable clone pen drives as you wish.

ImageUSB can be downloaded (450KB) from developer’s website here.

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