Today’s tutorial shows you how to make apps inactive on your Android 6.0 marshmallow, so that you can extend the battery life and save system resources (RAM and CPU). If you are not using some of apps (built-in or installed) for a long time or use them very rarely, you can make them inactive to save battery and system resources.

Android 6’s ‘Inactive apps’ option can be considered as a supplementary feature of Doze battery saving feature. Doze closes apps in the background and prevents them from launching automatically. It works when the screen is off and the device is still. The ‘Inactive apps’ option lets you manually stop an app from running in the background.



With ‘Inactive apps’ feature, you can manually take control of your apps. However, this is an experimental feature of Marshmallow and available under the ‘Developer options’ menu. Read on to know to make an app inactive.

How to Make Apps Inactive on Android 6 Marshmallow

1. Enable ‘Developer options’. To do so, go to Settings -> About phone -> and tap the Build number seven times.

2. Go back to the Settings menu, scroll down and tap ‘Developer options’.

3. Scroll down and tap ‘Inactive apps’. It will list all apps (built-in and installed apps)

4. Below the each app, it says whether it is active or not.

[Every active app uses a little bit of RAM  and some apps use considerable amounts of battery power, even if you are not using them].

5. Just tap an app that you want to make inactive, so it uses no more resources.


Inactive apps remain inactive until you relaunch them. Just tap on an inactive app’s icon, it will relaunch instantly with no further input required. Leave your views about Android 6’s this feature in the comment section below.

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