AVGAVG is a well-known antivirus application and its free version is most popular among users. But few people, especially Windows XP users, have issues while installing the latest free version of AVG 9.0.

When you try to installing AVG 9.0 free edition, it stops and displays an error message: “MSVC Redistributables installation failed. Installation of AVG cannot continue” Or “MSVC Redistributables installer requires immediate restart. Installation of AVG cannot continue”.

Most often rebooting your PC and re-installing AVG solve this issue, but if the problem still persists, following methods should solve the problem.

  1. For Windows XP, you need to download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ libraries and update it. (Download Microsoft Visual C++ libraries for 32bit / 64bit).
  2. For Windows 7 and Vista users disabling UAC while installing AVG may solve the issue.
  3. AVG has also released a fix for this issue. Download msvcfix.zip from AVG and extract it. Put the .bat file in the same directory of AVG and run the msvcfix.bat file. Installing AVG 9 should work by using this method. (Via – AVG)



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