Nowadays Android phones are comes equipped with great quality camera so users can take great pictures with it. However, if you have a habit of taking pictures on your phone and share them on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or email to friends, or send via messaging apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or ChatON, it can be an expensive, especially if you are on a limited data plan. Also, it’ll uses up space on your SD card.

AVG Image Shrinker, a new app from AVG lets you shrink your images to free up space on your phone and make your photos easier and cheaper to send. It works with JPEG, PNG and BMP image files, and you can choose the size you want the images shrunk to.



Also, it provides options to batch resize photos and save original photos to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Picasa or apps like Flickr before they shrunk on your phone.

AVG Image Shrinker is quick and easy to use so you can start saving on storage space and reducing mobile data plan usage right away.

It’s a free app and the minimum requirement for the app is Android 2.1. You can download it from Google Play.


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