While plenty of options are available for rooted Android phones to optimize it for enhanced performance and longer battery life, few tools and utilities are available for non-rooted Android phones to optimize it. The recently released free AVG TuneUp utility is one of them that helps any user fine tune their android device for longer battery life, more stability and increased performance – all with easy.

AVG TuneUp utility comprises a task killer, power saver, storage space manager and data usage monitor. You can kill unnecessary running apps and services, turn off specific functions to save battery when in need, remove unwanted apps or move them to an SD card to free up internal memory, monitor mobile data usage – all are easy to use and straightforward.



A major culprit for slow performance and reduced battery life on Android is an always-activated internet connection. With AVG TuneUp, you can set an alert and when the phone run out of juice it let you know that, so you can turn off specific functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, auto sync, etc. to save power for when you need it most.

AVG TuneUp Power Saving

Task Killer is another feature that lists the active apps, games, utilities and services on your device, tells you how much memory they use, for how long they’ve been active. You can kill the ones you don’t need running to free up memory space.

Data Usage is another option. You can monitor data usage of any app, delete cache, force stop or uninstall the app, if you found any problem with it.

Storage Usage monitor is another feature. You can see how much internal memory and SD card space is left with a list of all the apps and utilities that are on your phone and how much space they use. You can delete unnecessary apps or move them to SD card (may not support all devices) to save internal memory.

Interested users who are looking for fine-tuning their Android device with easy, download AVG TuneUp free from Play Store

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  1. Its really a waste/crap app! Many of my friends have tried it and ended into a mess of android phones. It looks as if everything goes good, but when comes to removing the app, there comes a huge disappointment! It leaves traces and when you flush the phone[servicing] for formatting/going to sell the phone, your old erased data is in danger and also it leaves more traces like it(AVG) does in PC.

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