In this guide, we let you know how to turn off/on all sensors on your Android smartphone with a tap. The latest Android smartphones come packed with various sensors and groundbreaking new functionalities. Temperature, Humidity and Barometer sensors, Proximity sensor, RGB Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, and Gyroscope are examples.

All the sensors have specific functions on your phone, but these sensors can also be used for malicious purposes by shady apps. It is by collecting data using apps installed on the phone. For example, the gyroscope can use to intercept sensitive information like passwords, account names, etc. from your phone


There was no option to turn off all sensors on Android phone until the release of Android 10, but now it is possible. You can turn on and off all the sensors – proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer, and other sensors – with a tap on Android 10.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Sensors On/Off Toggle on Android

To turn on and off sensors on Android 10, all you need to create Sensors On/Off toggle for the Quick Settings panel. Here’s how it is.

Steps to turn off sensors in Android 10
Steps to turn off sensors in Android 10
  1. Go to Settings > About phone > and tap build number 7 times to enable Developer Options
  2. In Settings, go to System > Advanced > and tap on Developer Options
  3. Scroll down and tap on Quick settings developer tiles
  4. Now, tap on Sensors off toggle to add the tile on the Quick Settings panel.
  5. Now, to on and off sensors, pull down the Quick Settings panel, and tap on the Sensors off tile.

Keep in mind that, if you turn off the sensors, features that depend on them will stop working on your phone. Also, note that this method won’t affect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and some other sensors. These sensors have their toggles on Android phone.

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