Based on the device specification, your Wi-Fi/mobile data settings, signal strength, and signal congestion, the internet speed on an Android smartphone will vary. If you own a Realme smartphone and feel slow network speed on it, then try the below-given setting on your device. This setting will improve network connectivity and help to increase internet speed.

Realme smartphones has a feature called Dual-Channel Acceleration. The role of this feature is to accelerate the internet connection speed on the phone. If you turn on the feature, it will intelligently accelerate network speed when you using mobile data and Wi-Fi alongside. Your phone detects speed and stability of both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and switch between them or use concurrently.

Realme XT
Realme XT

Dual-Channel Acceleration feature will bring smoother Internet connection on your Realme phone. However, keep in mind that you can’t use the technology with every application installed on your phone. In the settings, you can see apps that support this technology, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome, PUBG, etc.

How to Enable Dual-Channel Acceleration on Realme phone?

Dual-Channel Network Acceleration feature provides improved network connectivity and better internet speed on Realme smartphones. Here is how to turn on it.

  1. Go to Settings > tap on Dual SIM & Cellular Network.2.
  2. Tap on Dual Channel Network Acceleration > and tap on the toggle to turn on it.
Enable dual channel network acceleration on realme phone
Enable dual channel network acceleration on realme phone

Limitations of Dual-Channel Acceleration:

This feature has some limitations. Under the Dual Channel Network Acceleration menu, you can see apps you have installed on your device that support network acceleration technology. WhatsApp, PUBG Mobile, Facebook, Chrome, Instagram, etc. support this technology.

Also, if you turn on this feature, battery consumption will be high, so turn on it if you need this feature. For example, you can use it while playing online games, which will reduce latency.

Similar Feature on Other Android phones:

Not only on Realme phones, but every latest Android phone also has a similar feature called Mobile data always active. If you turn on the feature on your device, the mobile data will keep active, even if Wi-Fi is active on your device. It will provide fast network switching, a stable network connection for gaming, and faster and smoother web browsing experience.

This is currently an experimental feature, so it is hide inside the Developer Options menu. If you want to give a try, first enable Developer Options (Settings > System > About phone > tap on build number 7 times), scroll down and turn on Mobile data always active option.

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