Back-mounted, side-mounted, in-display fingerprint scanners are now standard on Android smartphones. While this new technology offers a quick way to unlock smartphones, sometimes it behaves weirdly. Users cannot enroll their fingerprint, cannot unlock phone and fingerprint option missing are the main issues.

Here’s how to fix the fingerprint scanner not working issue on Xiaomi phones. This guide applies to all Xiaomi phones (Mi, Redmi, and Poco). Note that hardware related fingerprint issue is rare on Xiaomi phones, which you cannot fix using this guide.

How to fix fingerprint glitches on Xiaomi phone

How to fix Fingerprint Scanner Glitches on Xiaomi Phones?

The below given seven methods will help you fix the fingerprint scanner not working issue on Xiaomi phone. Soft reboot, Fast reboot, Remove fingerprint app cache, Calibrate fingerprint sensor in Engineering Mode, delete and re-add fingerprint data, Install latest software update and Factory reset as a last resort are those 7 methods.

Reboot the Phone:

A reboot will fix many of the software related issues on Android. So, if fingerprint unlock stopped working all of a sudden, reboot your phone by long-pressing the power button or choosing the restart option in the power menu.

Delete fingerprint app cache on Xiaomi phone:

If the fingerprint app cache gets corrupted, the scanner starts showing errors, and deleting the cache will solve the issue. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings > Apps > Manage apps.
  • Choose FingerprintExtensionService > Fingerprint test > and clear data.

How to fast reboot your Xiaomi Phone?

A fast reboot will clear the volatile memory on your Xiaomi phone. To do so, follow the steps below:
Switch off your Xiaomi phone.

  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down keys until the Mi Bunny icon appears on the screen.
  • Keep the keys pressed for a few more seconds until the phone turns off again.
  • It will clear the volatile memory.

Check for the working of the fingerprint scanner. If the scanner didn’t recognize your fingerprint, then try the below method.

How to calibrate fingerprint sensor on Xiaomi phone:

To Calibrate fingerprint sensor (CIT test) on Xiaomi phone, follow the below steps:

  • Open Settings > and tap on About phone
  • Tap repeatedly (5 – 7 times) on Kernel version to enter into Engineering Mode (CIT).
  • In QC test menu, choose Finger sensor test.
  • Finger sensor test will start. Select “Fail” to reset the sensor.
  • Exit Engineering Mode, and test your Fingerprint again.

In most cases, the fingerprint issue will fixed. Still the problem persist, then try the below method.

Delete fingerprint data and re-add fingerprint:

  • Open Settings > tap on Password & security
  • Fingerprint unlock > Remove fingerprint.
  • Reboot the phone > and add your fingerprint again.

If you’re still experiencing the fingerprint sensor not working issue on your Xiaomi phone, then it might be due to a recent firmware update.

Check for new System Updates:

  • Go Settings > About Phone > System Update.
  • If any update available, it’ll list there.
  • Tap on the update to install the firmware on your phone.

After rebooting the phone, check the fingerprint sensor working again. Still have the issue, then factory reset the phone as a last resort.

Factory Reset:

Back up your important data you have on the phone before factory resetting the phone.

  • Open Settings > About phone > Backup & reset > Erase all data

It’ll fix the fingerprint issue in most cases. In case, the problem hasn’t gone, then it might be the fingerprint hardware issue. You need to contact the service personal to fix the issue.

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