Google Maps has several features built-in, and rerouting is a great feature that we all know. But there are a few ins and outs. Google Maps rerouting will help you reach your destination even if you deviate from the original route. But sometimes, it can be dangerous and time-wasting. In this article, we are going to show you how to stop Google Maps rerouting.

As said, rerouting is a good feature of Google Maps, but sometimes it will take you to drive through narrow, bad roads. So, if you do not want to reroute when navigating to a particular place using Google Maps, and want to stay on the original route, follow this trick.


Google Maps has no built-in option to disable rerouting. The only solution currently you can take on this is downloading your required route map, so it’s available offline.

How to stop or disable Google Maps rerouting you

  1. Open Google Maps on your device, tap on the Go button and search or choose your destination.
  2. Once the route map is fully loaded, swipe right and tap on the Offline maps option. You will get a maps area along with the download button.
  3. Next, set your desired route in offline maps, and then switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data (or turn on Aeroplane mode).
  4. Now, start navigating using the offline map.
Disable Google Maps rerouting
Disable Google Maps rerouting

Since there’s no internet connection, the Google Maps app will be unable to update, preventing rerouting from taking place.

Google Maps is an excellent turn-by-turn navigation app for every smartphone user. Voice guidance, offline navigation, real-time location sharing, indoor maps of buildings, real-time train and bus departures, the walking option with live view, etc., are the key features of the latest version of Google Maps.

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