Own a smartphone with AMOLED display, for instance Samsung Galaxy S4, and use Firefox on it for browsing the Internet? Then, here is something interesting news for you. A Firefox add-on called “Safe for Amoled” lets you protect your device’s AMOLED screen from burnout by automatically dimming the screen when opening websites with white background.

AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display gives brilliant (20% brighter) as well as glare free experience on mobile devices. However, it can easily burn out if you open websites that has bright background on your device. The “Safe for Amoled” add-on automatically darkens the background on bright sites and protect AMOLED screen.


How to use Safe for Amoled Firefox add-on:

It’s a restartless add-on. Install it from Mozilla add-on site on your mobile phone. Once installed, swipe the Firefox screen to the left, tap on the gear-like settings icon and then tap on the add-ons tab.

You’ll see a list of installed add-ons. Tap on the “Options” button for the “Safe for Amoled” add-on to open its settings menu.

Here, you can see option for adjusting brightness of background in percentage, enabling or disabling brightness on all the pages, enable/disable smooth dimming, etc. After making changes, visit any webpage that has bright background and see how it works.


Besides protecting your device’s AMOLED screen, it can also help you protect your eyes from strain due to brightness of webpages. In addition, it can reduce battery consumption, because, In AMOLED display, each pixel is controlled and black pixels are not use energy. By replacing the white background color to dark, you can save battery.

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