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Firefox Supports AI Chatbots: How to Enable and Use it


AI chatbots are becoming more common, and major browsers, such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, DuckDuckGo, and Opera, have AI integration that allows users to find answers from the web more conveniently. This integration also enables users to engage in conversations to refine, summarize, or generate new results based on the provided context.

Now, Mozilla has also introduced AI integration to its Firefox browser, enabling users to summarize text, simplify language, and perform other tasks on a webpage. You can use ChatGPT, Google Gemini, HuggingChat, and Le Chat Mistral chatbots directly from the Firefox browser’s sidebar.

Here’s how to enable and use the AI chatbot in the sidebar of your Firefox browser. Please note that, as of this writing, this feature is available in the Firefox Nightly build. To try it out, users need to install the Nightly build on their computer.

How to Enable AI Chatbot in Firefox’s Sidebar?

1. First, install the Firefox Nightly build (link) or update to latest version.

2. Launch Firefox browser, click the Hamburger menu and select Settings.

3. Next, click the ‘Firefox Labs’ option on the left sidebar.

Enable AI chatbot in Firefox browser

4.Now, enable the ‘AI Chatbot Integration’ option.

5. Next, click the dropdown menu ‘Choose a chatbot’ and select your favorite bot. Firefox offers 4 chatbots, which include ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Hugging Chat, and Le Chat Mistral.

Select AI chatbot in Firefox browser

6. It will bring the selected chat window at the right sidebar of the browser.

How to Use AI Chatbot in Firefox’s Sidebar?

2. Once you choose your Chatbot, it will open in Firefox’s sidebar at the left side of the browser.

2. Next, login to the selected Chatbot using your credentials. ChatGPT and Hugging Chat does not require a sign up.

3. Now, open a webpage. Select the required text, right-click, and select ‘Ask ChatGPT’ or other chatbot you selected.

4. Now select one of the options from the list – Summarize, Simplify language or Quiz-me.

How to use AI chatbot in Firefox browser

5. Summarize will make the whole content into an easy-to-understand text.

6. Simplify language will convert content in a way that you can understand easily.

7. Quiz me, will present you quiz in the form of a true-false, multiple-choice question, and Q&A format.

8. To switch to another chatbot, click the ‘chatbot name’ drop-down menu and select the desired one from the list.

How to choose AI chatbot in Firefox sidebar

How to Move the Position of AI Chatbot Sidebar in Firefox?

By default, the AI Chatbot will appear at the left side of the Firefox browser. However, you can move it right side. Here is how it is.

1. First, click the AI Chatbot dropdown menu from the left sidebar.

2. Next, select ‘Move sidebar to right.’ It will move the sidebar to the right side.

How to switch AI chatbot in Firefox browser's sidebar

That’s how to enable and use the AI chatbot in the Firefox browser’s sidebar. Once the testing phase is complete, this feature will be available in the Firefox stable build, accompanied by additional chatbots.