Facebook will keep a record of your all-time (from today back to when you first started using the service) Facebook activities such what you have searched, comments you have made, photos and posts you have liked, your recent chat record and more, so that you can review all that at a later time. However, if you worried more about your privacy, you might want to delete your search histories from your Facebook profile.

You can review your all-time Facebook activities from your activity log page and you can delete your search histories as well from the page. If you don’t know how to delete search history, just follow as described below.



– Log in to Facebook and go to your profile by clicking on the profile button or profile name. Then, click on the “Activity log” tab (see screenshot above).


– On the activity log page, click on the “Post and Apps” option. From the drop-down list, choose the search option.


– On the search option page, you will see a “clear searches” button. Just click on it to clear the search history. You’re done!


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