The battery life of Motorola Moto X is advertises as ‘all day’, and it is true, but some users experiencing much quicker battery drain on their device, especially after installing new software update. If your Moto X’s battery is draining faster than it should, just try below simple trick that will make sure you are getting the best battery from your device.


Before going to the subject, make sure that you have turned off battery draining apps and features of your device (when you are not using them). Read my previous articles to know how it is. If none of those methods helped you for your Moto X, try by below simple trick.

1. Enter Your Moto X into Recovery mode. To do so, turn off your device and then press the Volume down + Power button simultaneously for few seconds.

2. Use Volume Down key to choose ‘Recovery’ option and select it using Volume Up key.

3. Now, press and hold the Volume Up key for 10-15 seconds and then, by still holding the Volume Up key, press and release the Power button.

4. You will see a menu list. Use the Volume Down/Up keys to scroll through the menu and choose the option ‘wipe cache partition’. Use Power Key to select this option.

5. After wiping cache partition, reboot your device from the recovery.

Note that, this process will only delete temporary files from system partition that causes battery drain. It will not remove any file or alter any settings on your Moto X. (source)

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