Google introduces a new feature, Reading mode, for Android phones to improve the screen reading experience of people with low vision, blindness, and dyslexia. This accessibility feature lets you customize screen contrast, text size, and font types of web pages and apps. And the advanced text-to-speech function with speed control to read the content for them.

Reading mode on Android works with webpages and apps like WhatsApp, Messaging apps, Facebook, and more. Users can customize the reading mode as per their usefulness. Change screen color, text size, text line height, and font style. And the Audio option help people listen to the text from web pages and apps. Here is how to enable and use the Reading Mode on your Android phone.


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How to Enable Reading Mode on Android Phone?

1. First, install Google’s Reading Mod app from Play Store (link).

2. After installing the app, open the phone settings and go to Accessibility settings.

3. Under the Downloaded apps section, tap Reading mode and turn on the Reading mode shortcut option.

4. It will add the Reading mode tile to the Quick Settings menu of the Android phone.

Enable Reading Mode on Android phone

5. If you cannot find the Reading mode shortcut tile in Quick Settings, expand the Quick Settings, tap the edit icon and drag the tile to the active area.

How to Customize the Reading Mode?

1. Pull down the Quick Settings, and tap the Reading mode tile.

2. Tap on the cogwheel at the bottom left.

3. Here you can change screen contrast, text size, line height, font style, etc., in the Display option.

4. Tap on the Audio button, select your preferred language and read speed.

Customize reading mode on Android

Note: Reading mode currently supports English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Google may add additional languages in the future.

You have now enabled Reading Mode on your Android phone. Here is how to use this feature when browsing a webpage or reading a text message in apps like Messages, WhatsApp, etc.

How to Use Reading Mode on Android?

1. Open a webpage with paragraphs or an app like WhatsApp with a readable text message.

2. Now, pull down the Quick Settings and tap on the Reading mode tile.

3. The Reading mode will open and load the content.

Use reading mode on Android phone

4. To hear the text, tap on the Play button at the bottom.

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