WhatsApp recently added animated stickers support to the service, which you can use in your chat to make it more expressive. Lively stickers will give more life to your conversation. Here’s how to get and send animated stickers on WhatsApp without using any third-party app.

Currently, WhatsApp offers a few animated sticker packs, such as Bright days, Moody Foodies, Playful Piyomaru, Rico’s sweet life, and Chummy Chum chum. If you aren’t happy with those sticker packs, install third-party sticker pack apps from the Play Store or App Store.


Steps to Add Animated Stickers in WhatsApp Chat

Send animated stickers on WhatsApp
Send animated stickers on WhatsApp
  1. Update WhatsApp to the latest version to use animated stickers in your chat.
  2. Start a chat, tap on the Emoji icon at the bottom, and then choose Stickers (bottom right).
  3. In the Stickers tab, tap on the plus button (+) on the right.
  4. You’ll now enter into the stickers download page. Look for a sticker pack with a play button.
  5. Install the desired sticker pack (with a play button). You should see the newly installed sticker pack.
  6. Start a chat and select desired stickers to send.

Yes, just about all WhatsApp users might know about stickers and know how to use them in chat. What’s more, you can even make your WhatsApp stickers with your photos, kids, family, or pet’s photos. However, the new animated stickers will be more expressive and bring more life to your chat.

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