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WhatsApp is one of the most popular, free to use cross-platform messaging apps. For many users, WhatsApp isn’t just a service to keep in touch with friends and families. It has several features built-in to meet users’ various needs. However, did you know that you could reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online?

Many a time, you want to reply to a WhatsApp message without showing you are online. Whether it is your client, contact, office staff, or anyone, sometimes you don’t like a long conversation with the sender, for example, if you are in a hurry. WhatsApp doesn’t have an option to send a message without being online, but there are alternate methods.


Here are three methods to send messages or reply to WhatsApp messages without appearing online. None of these are WhatsApp’s built-in features, but they could be handy.

3 methods to send WhatsApp messages by hiding your online presence

1. Disconnect and reconnect mobile data and Wi-Fi:

This is the easiest method. If you don’t want to show you are typing or replying to a message on WhatsApp, this method will help you.

Disconnect the internet connection from your phone, open WhatsApp, then type and send the message, or replay to the chat and then close the app.

When you are reconnecting the internet on your phone, WhatsApp will send your message or reply to the contact or group.

2. Reply to a WhatsApp message from the notification:

how to reply to WhatsApp messages by hiding your online presence

This second method is more practical and simple. If your smartphone is running on Android 7 or above, then you can replay to any WhatsApp chat from the notification panel, so the receiver won’t know you are online.

When you receive a WhatsApp chat notification, pull down the notification panel and tap on the reply button to send a reply to the message/chat.

If you own a smartwatch, then you can use it to reply to WhatsApp messages without showing you are online. Your smartwatch will show notification, check it, and answer to messages right from the smartwatch, so the receiver won’t know you are online.

3. Reply to WhatsApp messages by using the Unseen App:

how to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online

You can use a third-party app like Unseen to check WhatsApp messages without revealing your online presence. Install the app from the Play Store (link) and grant all the permissions.

When you get messages on WhatsApp, you will receive notifications on Unseen. You can read and reply to the message right from the app. The sender won’t know you are online. However, to reply to a group chat, you need to open the WhatsApp.

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