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Apple iOS 15: Features and Wallpapers Download


Apple has unveiled iOS 15 at its WWDC 2021 developer conference. The new mobile operating system comes with several new features and customizations. New FaceTime, improved iMessage, new Memoji, better notification style, improved Focus mode, enhanced Apple maps, Photos features, improved Safari browser, Siri with offline support, etc., are some of the main changes of iOS 15.

The iOS 15 has also featured a set of beautiful wallpapers. These wallpapers will give an iOS 15 home screen feel on any of your phones. Interested users can download iOS 15 wallpapers in different shades for their phones from the link below.

iOS 15 features and wallpapers download

Main Features of iOS 15

Overhauled FaceTime is one of the top new features of iOS 15. With Android and Windows support, users can now join the video-calling app from other operating systems via a web-based version of FaceTime. Spatial audio, portrait mode, voice isolation mode, wide spectrum mode, grid view, calendar integration, SharePlay, etc., are some of the main changes of FaceTime.

Apple has improved iMessage in iOS 15, and now it lets you quickly find content, photos, link, etc., that are shared in chats via the new Shared with You section. And, you can express your feelings via new Memoji.

Notifications in iOS 15 will appear in a new style. Contact photos and larger app icons make it easier to identify the source. And, the Notification Summary can be customized and scheduled to appear at any time you choose, letting you deal with unimportant notifications all in one go.

New tools in Focus mode give you more control over how you prioritize your time and attention. Features such as contextual suggestions, customization, allowed interruptions, auto-reply, urgent messages, and the associated home screen page help you focus on your work.

New Apple maps with new driving features, immersive walking direction, new place cards, etc., make it easier to transit.

The Safari browser has improved with an integrated Smart search field, tab groups, streamlined tab bar, new privacy protections, and more features.

Siri has received key improvements in iOS 15. Offline support, on-device speech processing, neural text-to-speech voice in more languages, mixed English and Indic language support, on-device personalization, etc., are some of the main features of Siri in iOS 15.

Check all the new features of iOS 15 preview at Apple website here.

Download and install iOS 15

If you have an Apple developer account, you can download (link) and install iOS 15 beta on your compatible iPhone right away and experience the new features. The iOS 15 supports iPhone 6s through iPhone 12 models.

Those who do not have an Apple developer account can also try the iOS 15 beta, but unofficially. To install the iOS 15 beta without a developer account, head over to this site via Safari browser. Find the iOS 15 beta profile and proceed with the instruction.

Download iOS 15 wallpapers

Apple iOS 15 wallpapers preview

If you like, download the iOS 15 wallpapers from the link below. The zip file contains four wallpapers from the new OS in 1240 X 2680 pixels resolutions.

Download Wallpapers

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