Want to copy and paste several different things at the same time? Here is a powerful clipboard manager called Shapeshifter for Windows that allows you to copy several items (text, images, or any data) in your clipboard, easily swap between them, and increase your work performance.

Shapeshifter is quite easy to use and requires only a few system memories. Install it,  it will sit in the system tray. Read below to know how to use Shapeshifter.



Copying items: Use Ctrl + C key to copy multiple items. Then, hold down CTRL + V to see the Shapeshifter interface. While holding down CTRL + V, select an item to paste with the arrow keys or the mouse-wheel, and release CTRL + V to paste the item.


Deleting clipboard history: Hold down CTRL + V, and press the Delete key on your keyboard for more than 0.5 seconds. You may also clear a single item in the history by pressing Delete once.

Pinning an item: A clipboard item can be pinned so that it stays in the top of the list. Hold down the CTRL + V key, and press the Home key on your keyboard.

Shapeshifter can be downloaded free at developer’s website.

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