The new Bedtime Mode on Android helps you curb distraction from your smartphone while you sleep. If you enable Bedtime Mode on your phone, all notification sounds will mute and will turn on the night light mode. Both features are customizable, so you can use the new feature wisely to control your smartphone addictions.

Rolls out as part of Digital Wellbeing, Bedtime Mode is the rebranded version of the old Wind Down feature, and Google’s take on Apple’s Screen Time tool. Digital Wellbeing is a part of the latest Android operating system and available on most Android phones.

enable bedtime mode on android
Enable bedtime mode on Android

Here’s how to turn on and customize the Bedtime Mode on your Android phone. To enable bedtime mode on your device, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Settings > and tap on Digital Wellbeing
  2. Tap on Bedtime mode
  3. Select Based on schedule or While charging at bedtime option.
  4. Set your bedtime and wake up time.

If you choose ‘Based on schedule’ option, you can select any particular day to turn off the bedtime mode. Just tap on the day that you want to disable it.

You have now enabled the bedtime mode on your device. Follow the below steps to customize it.

  • Tap on Customize option
  • Tap on Do Not Disturb toggle to turn off it (you will receive notification sound)
  • To turn off Grayscale, tap on the toggle (your screen color won’t change to black and white).

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