Microsoft Edge is the fastest web browser for Windows with efficiency mode and an option to reduce CPU, RAM, and battery usage. Microsoft is now working on a new feature, dubbed Performance Detector, which will assist users to enhance the working of the Edge browser on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs.

Like any web browser, Microsoft Edge can run slower than usual if you open too many tabs, especially if you disabled the efficiency mode and turned off the sleeping tab feature. The Performance Detector can identify tab performance issues and notify users with a red/orange dot on the toolbar of the browser.


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Microsoft Edge Performance Detector

Here is how to test the new Performance Detector on Microsoft Edge. Performance Detector is currently available with the latest Edge Canary.

How to Enable the Performance Detector in Microsoft Edge?

You can enable this feature in the System and Performance settings (Go to Settings > System and Performance > Manage your Performance > turn on Performance Detector).

Once you enabled the feature, and when a tab consumes more CPU and RAM, it will notify with a red or orange dot (depending on the resources usage) on the performance icon in the toolbar. Clicking on it will let you know which tab uses more system resources.

Test out Microsoft Edge Performance Detector

Next to each problem-causing tab, you will see a three-dots horizontal menu. Click on it to get a recommendation to fix the issue. You can sleep or kill the problem-causing tabs right from there.

It seems that the Performance Detector will also detect potential issues with extensions and other features of the Edge browser and recommend actions to fix them. Microsoft Edge stable build may get these new features with a future update.

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