Probably most people know what are cookies and their role. A website owner can be used cookies to see what sites you’ve visited and your personal interests. However all web browsers have an option to delete them from your hard disk.

But, there are other types of cookies called Flash cookies (also known as PIE (persistent identification element), LSO’s (local shared objects) or super cookies) that your browser can not remove.


Even if you’ve deleted all your browsing history and normal cookies, Flash cookies are still there and offer unlimited user tracking.

Of course one can manage flash cookies from Adobe Settings Manager, but unfortunately Adobe’s “Flash Settings Manager” does not properly remove Flash cookies.

That means you need special tool to remove flash cookies to ensure your privacy. Here are 4 tools that you can use to remove flash cookies/super cookies from your computer.

  1. Flash Cookie Cleaner: This is a freeware, portable application and there are no complicated settings or configurations needed. Just run the application, click on ‘Scan’ button. Then click on ‘View’ button to see who tracking you and click ‘Delete’ button to delete these cookies.
  2. Flush Flash cookies- The program has three modes of operation:  Everything-wipe out all cookies,Everything but Site settings: With the Adobe manager (mentioned above) you can set preferences for each site you visit. This mode only deletes the cookies, not the Site settings. Everything but Adobe settings: Most people will not have configured the settings per site, but you may have changed the settings for Flash itself. This mode will get rid of all cookies and website settings but leave the settings for Adobe Flash itself.
  3. FlashCookiesView is another small utility that displays the list of cookie files created by Flash component in your Web browser. For each cookie file, it displays the content of the file in readable format or as Hex dump. You can also select one or more cookie files, and then copy them to the clipboard, save them to text/html/xml file or delete them.
  4. Flash Cookie Remover is another (currently beta) freeware, portable tool for removing flash cookies. No installation required. Just run the tool, scan and remove Flash cookies from your hard disk.

Hope above tools will ensure your internet privacy little more. (via)

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