It is rather easy to control children’s online activities on computer than on tablets and smartphones. There are several tools and built-in Parental Control applications to control children’s computer usage, but it is hardly on smartphones. To overcome this situation Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading security companies has come up with a new Parental Control application for Android tablets and smartphone.



Kaspersky Parental Control is a new application from Kaspersky Lab (currently beta and free) for smartphones and tablets. It provides an easy and convenient way to protect your kids when they’re online using the standard Android browser.

Currently Kaspersky Parental Control offers to two types of control. One is web filtering and other is application control.

Web Filtering: This option blocks sites with inappropriate content, such as pornography, violence and drugs.

Application Control: This option allows you to control which applications can be run on your family’s Android devices.


As today’s children are connecting to each other and strangers daily on Internet using tablets and smartphone, I think parents face much more complex challenge than the one that computer posed to them. You can try Kaspersky Parental Control to protect your kids when they’re online using the standard Android browser.

Kaspersky Parental Control can be downloaded from Android Market (Required Android 2.2 and above).

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